Entry Guide

Register on our website. It is IMPORTANT that the registration and the name and address of the dog owner are the same!

Description of the menus

Exhibitions: Includes the full annual exhibition calendar. Using the filters you can choose the type of show (all categories, CAC, CACIB, Club shows), which shows you want to see on one page by specific name or choosing only open to entry shows.
Entry guide: An explanation of the website and how the system works.
Services: Description of service fees.
Kennels: Details of breeding establishments operating in Hungary.
Contact: If you have any questions, please write to us at the address below.

Edit profile: Registration and details of the dog owner. Here you can change your personal data.
My Dogs: In this menu you can pre-populate, edit or delete your dog(s) details.
My entries: A list of submitted or prepared entries is generated by the system, where you can monitor their status. (WARNING! If you exit or switch to another menu before submitting your entry, it will not be saved automatically and your entry won't be in pending status. You will have to start again.)
Log out: Log out at the end of the work to prevent others from accessing your data.

Submit your entry for a specific exhibition. You can enter more than one dog at a time for a show and then pay for them all at once. If you enter and pay on separate dates, the system will still calculate correctly. Not all shows allow online payment, some only allow you to upload the receipt (bank transfer or postal cheque).

WARNING! The entry fee for all exhibitions must be paid by bank transfer or cheque to the account, or address of the organizing association. You will find the necessary details in the entry invitations.

You can keep track of your successful or pending entries in the "My Entries" menu. If it does not appear in the table, the entry was unsuccessful, please make up for it as soon as possible. The status explanation will help you to know what is currently happening with your entry. Hover your mouse over the "?" sign and the explanation will appear.

If the started registration is not paid by the final deadline (Status: pending payment), it will be considered invalid.

By submitting the online entry, if the dog is not yet in the "My dogs" menu, it will be automatically saved.

After the final deadline, no entries will be accepted and no data can be changed.

Last minute entrants should keep an eye on their email account.

Class changes and dog changes are possible until the final deadline. In the "My Entries" menu, click on the row of the show to view the entry details. In this menu, the "Request for reclassification" and "Dog swap" icons will appear in each of the entered dog's window. In the request for reclassification menu you can request a change by changing the class. In the dog swap menu, you can swap an already entered dog for a new dog to be entered.
The class change and to dog swap costs 10€/class change - dog swap/exhibition. You can always transfer the fee for changing the dog to the account number of the relevant show or, if possible, pay online. If you have entered by other ways (via post) , please send your request for reclassification or dog swap by e-mail.

The new website is now also available on smartphones, allowing easy and flexible registration and payment.

Confirmation guide

Confirmations will be sent by email after the data has been processed, starting two weeks before the show. Confirmation emails are often placed in the SPAM folder by email providers, especially gmail accounts. We ask all entrants to watch their SPAM folder as well!

If the information on the confirmation form is incorrect you can correct it by going to "My Dogs" if you enter online, or by sending an email requesting a correction by the final deadline if you enter by post.

After checking the data, please bring the confirmation with you to the dog show either in printed form or electronically together with the payment receipt (bank transfer or postal cheque).

We do not have catalogue tickets. With the confirmation you can enter the area and pick up your catalogue and start number.

We will only send a new confirmation if important data changes (owner's name, dog breed, sex, class).

E-mail address: visszaigazolas@hod-dog.hu

Information about the catalogue

The dog shows are partly printed and partly online catalogues. The type of catalogue is chosen by the association organising the show. In the case of an online catalogue, a QR code will be created for quick access and will be placed on the start numbers and displayed on the rings in the exhibition area. The online catalogue is always published at 7 a.m. on the day of the exhibition. You can download it from our website all year round. Expired exhibitions will be placed at the bottom of the page under the relevant menu, under previous exhibitions.

Information guide

You can send your enquiries about exhibitions, website use, etc. to this address.

We will aim to reply to your e-mail within 4 days. If you do not receive a reply, please resend your letter.

E-mail address: nevezes@hod-dog.hu